Pivot Mach 429c Love

This isn’t a review.  It’s just bike porn.  Simple adoration for carbon and metal.

I’ve ridden many different bikes – mine, friends, and demo’s.  I love riding a new or different bike. Every bike rides differently.  But I enjoy riding my bikes the most – because they’re mine.  They fit and I know their characteristics.  The bikes I’ve built up from scratch I’m more fond of, however.  And of the whole lot, my Pivot Mach 429C is the alpha dog.  It rules the roost.  It scratches my itch.


Pivot Mach 429 Carbon.  Soooo good.

The Name

A bike one builds up should have a name, right? Since I built this bike in spring, I’ve struggled coming up with an appropriate name.  I’ve since decided it’s name shall be:  C-Plast.  Short for chloroplast.  Besides being a bike-nerd, I’m a plant nerd.  The chloroplast is the structure that houses chlorophyll… so it’s full of energy.


The C-Plast.  Born spring, 2014.

 The Plan

Build a bike that can do this.  In short… do it all.  I wanted to build a crazy fast and comfortable trail bike.  One bike for XC racing, Enduro, fun rides, Super D, Endurance races, or whatever?  Unlike unicorns, such a bike exists.  I built it.

I’m sure Robin Hood had many different bows… and for that matter, a lot of arrows.  But when shit hit the fan, he reached for his ace combo: the bow that could be carried into any battle and the arrow that flew true in adverse conditions.  Or when he was shitfaced drunk and just wanted to shoot… he reached for the same combo.  Enough about shit and Robin Hood and more about the C-Plast.


C-Plast, high above Los Angeles.  In rarefied air, inhabited by unicorns.

 The Build

Frame:  Pivot Mach 429 Carbon.  Purchased & built up at Jax Bicycle Center.

Suspension:  Fox CTD Kashima (100mm)

Fork:  Manitou Tower Pro (120mm), 15mm axle

Wheelset:  crankbrothers cobalt 3, black & sexy

Bottom Bracket:  Chris King, BB92, blue

Crankset:  Shimano SLX (re-purposed from wife’s old bike)

Pedals:  crankbrothers candy 3, blue

Chainring:  Race Face narrow/wide, 32 tooth, blue

Headset:  Cane Creek 110, blue

Stem:  crankbrothers iodine 3

Bars:  crankbrothers cobalt 11, lo-rise, cut to 720mm

Grips:  ESI Chunky, white

Rear Shifter:  Sram x0 twist, 10 speed

Rear Derailleur:  Sram x9, Type-2 (clutch)

Cassette:  Shimano XTR, 10 speed

Chain:  Shimano XT, 10 speed

Brakes:  Shimano XT

Rotors:  Shimano XT, ice-tech

Post:  Thomson Elite, setback, 30.9 (re-purposed)

Saddle:  crankbrothers iodine 2

Cage:  Bontrager RL cage, white

Tires:  this will change based on race/terrain, but generally a Maxxis Ikon 2.2 EXO in the rear and a Bontrager XR3  Team Issue 2.30 (TLR) in the front.  I have a new Ikon 2.35 I’m looking forward to trying on the front.

Weight:  mid 25 lbs.

The original build (and photos) had other components I had lying around the garage, but the parts listed above is how I currently ride the bike as “built.”  The bike is TITS… but even Michael Jordan continued to improve his game, right?  So here’s the upgrade agenda:

  • Cranks.  SLX are great and all, but this bike would gladly accept XT or XTR.
  • Seatpost:  Dropper.  Xmas list.  Are you reading this, wife?  My post needs to drop like this HINT…

The Photos (a.k.a. Porn)


One parting shot from Labor Day in Big Bear, CA:


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