Whiskey 50 Video Highlight – “Put it up to 11”

The EPIC in Epic Rides was emphasized this year for the racers, supporters, and volunteers who participated in 2014 Whiskey 50 race.  In recent years, racers experienced Prescott, Arizona in all its pre-summer glory – hot weather and dry, dusty trails.  Not this year.  If weather was controlled on a soundboard or amp, the dial was cranked past “10” and hit “11.”

“If we need that extra push over the cliff… you know what we do?”

“Put it up to eleven?”

“ELEVEN. Exactly.  One louder.”

(If you’re reading this and wondering WTF?, go here)

Including myself, there were five Kasel Cycling riders attempting the 50 mile race and two riders (my wife and my teammate’s wife) prepared to do the 25 mile version.  One of us finished the race.  Leave it to the sun-soaked, parched, single-speeding Aussie to make us look like chumps.  (Except we all not-so-secretly think he’s crazy for finishing!)  That level of attrition was experienced throughout the entire field – for every finisher there were probably 4 or 5 riders who DNF’d.  However, I look at it as though I did finish.  I just happened to have an epic 14 mile adventure!

For a larger video, click here.

I am quite thankful the volunteers and supporters who braved the conditions were out there.  I personally used their tailpipes to keep my hands warm and their scavenging to make a fire to “survive.”  Thanks to the OC people we know who helped my teammates and I get out a bad situation (Charity Wenger & Linda McGee).  I’ll have you know that we all went out the next day and rode the same trails and it was amazing!  Blue sky and tacky soil.  Mountain biking dream conditions.  We’ll certainly be back.


Dan the man, thawing out a midst racers singing a song with many a curse word


Our tough-as-nails single-speed riding Aussie, Shawn, who finished the 2014 Whiskey 50

My next post will contain additional photos and stories of our time in Prescott, Az.  My previous post has a couple of videos of trail riding 2 days after the blizzard.  So fun!

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