Xmas Ornaments

Natespin arts & crafts time.

Goal:  Re-purpose old bike drivetrain parts into ornaments.

Strategy:  Take an old single-speed chain and an old road cassette (Ultegra), de-grease, clean, & dry them and fashion them into ornaments.

The needed ingredients:  a rear cassette taken apart and a spent chain along with a chain-breaker tool and some ribbon.

And Lagunitas beer.

For the cassette, it’s a straightforward process since they’re independent and what’s cool about them is that they’re like stars or snowflakes, each with their own design.  As for the chain, I used a single-speed chain since it’s thicker (wider) than the 9 & 10 speed chains.  I thought I could arrange them into stars.  The trick was how best to keep them in this shape since the chain links are suppose to move!  I bought some krazy-glue but wasn’t crazy on using it.  I found a better way to keep the chain in star shape by pushing each pin slightly out of the links with a chain-breaker tool.  There was some initial wrestling with the chain for it to keep shape but once I got the process down the final two stars didn’t take too long to make.

Natespin ornaments.  Just need to add the ribbons to the chain stars.  Notice the beer is gone…

So what was sitting around the garage can now spend a few weeks a year on the trees of my friends and families.  Have a Merry Xmas, all!

9 responses to “Xmas Ornaments

    • Thanks, you too! It wasn’t that bad – I had them sit in a mixture of de-greaser and water for a couple hours and then just took a drivetrain brush to each one. It was arranging the chains into the stars and keeping them that way which required effort.

  1. It makes me giggle to think about you getting all crafty (Pinterest style) for Christmas. Love your creation! Merry Christmas!

  2. Very cool Nate! Elsie and I made snowman ornaments this year from bottle caps…another craft where beer is necessary :)!

  3. I love that you are getting all crafty….. I’ll help you with a hanger other than ribbon to make it look like a “high end” piece of bike art.

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