Strava (1st Party) Heat Map

Here on Natespin, many hits come from people searching the web for “heat map” and “strava heat map.”  Well – it’s back.   More background about “heat maps” can be found in previous posts (here and here), but for a quick recap, there was a 3rd party website/program that produced a heat map for all your Strava rides.  The good folks at Strava obviously saw how popular it was and thought “why aren’t we monetizing this?” and made some changes to their coding and the 3rd party sites found themselves up @#% creek.

Strava has brought back the heat map – but only to premium dues-paying members.   If you pay, check it out on your athlete profile page.  The page that looks like this: (this happens to be mine).  You can customize the date range for your rides.  Here’s my 2013 cycling journey thus far, which consists of 240 rides, covering 3,850 miles, over 335 hours.  (BTW, not sure on Strava’s use of red and blue which looks like arteries and veins….gross):


My 2013 Strava heat map… or what looks like Strava arteries and veins.


Orange County riding (sometimes crossing in San Diego county).  OTH course in dark red, as are the Aliso and San Clemente trails.


2nd home riding… Big Bear trails along with all the Rim Nordic racing this year.  Still no lifts and Snow Summit action!  I obviously favor the west side trails….

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