Video Tribute to Trick or Treat

A lot of great things are happening with the bike scene up in Big Bear, CA:

  • Snow Summit is back and operating multiple downhill runs (which I’ve yet to do!!!).
  • Skyline Trail keeps getting longer and better.  It’s an amazing asset which traverses the ridgeline of Big Bear, offering views of both the lake to the northeast and the Santa Ana river headwaters to the southwest.  Volunteer trail build days are still occurring.
  • Rim Nordic and the US Cup (Team Big Bear) offer racers awesome courses with great competition throughout the year.

However, riders familiar with the many trails in Big Bear are bummed about the US Forest Service’s master plan to “officially” close “unofficial” trails (maps here).  There are many trails which are, admittedly, poorly built and suffer from erosion which compromises the slopes and watersheds.  I understand that there’s a need to reign these unofficial trails in and restore them.

BUT – please spare TRICK or TREAT!  It’s an amazing trail.  You go down, then up, and down again, through rock cutouts, shoot through manzanita, to a clearing that offers a 180 degree view of Big Bear Lake, only to continue the descent.  If there’s a manual on how to create flowy inspirational singletrack, Trick or Treat benefits from all the techniques contained therein.

Without further words, let the trail speak for itself:

Music courtesy of the best band in all the land, The Mother Hips:  Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear.

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