Catching Up & Catching the Flu

Sometimes age sneaks up on you.  Like those wrinkles next to your eyes or how 11pm feels like 3am.  You can at least resist or fend off these types of advances from Father Time.  He’s capable of the dark arts, too.  Threre are crueler attacks in which you just succumb to fatigue, sickness, and age.  In a nutshell, that was the end of my July.

It’s been a long year of racing and I knew I was needing a break.  I thought I had learned my lesson last year about needing to take a summer break, but obviously it didn’t sink in.  So many races, but in the end, so little Nate.

What started as a minor sore throat turned into something that simply kicked my ass.  I should have known I was already sick when I DNF’d a Rim Nordic race after 1 lap.  But before the ass kicking it was general lethargy that consumed me.  For example, taking 2 naps in one day and feeling like I could take 2 more.  Then the sinus pressure – like a helium balloon being filled up with snot inside my head.  At that point I saw the Dr.  Some Sudafed, Mucinex, and antibacterials thrown in for good measure was the prescribed cocktail.

Over the span of 12 days, I was able to ride twice.  Two more times than I should have.  But what rides they were!  Up in Big Bear, with friends and Samantha.  Here are some photos:

After taking some days off work, switching between bed, sofa, and reading chair, and drinking tons of Emergen-C  I started to feel better and was even able to complete a 60 mile road ride with Samantha down to Oceanside with friends.  Talk about knocking the dust and mucus off!  All in time to add another candle to my proverbial cake….

This past Tuesday, with the help of Samantha, my Parents, teammates, and Jax Bicycle staff, I was able to celebrate turning 35 after our Tuesday night Over The Hump race.  Nothing like racing to try and cheat (or at least feel like you’re defying) Father Time!  Post race cupcakes, pizza, and beer with my wonderful Kasel Cycling teammates, many of which stayed up until 11pm on a weeknight to help me celebrate!  Which if you recall, feels like 3am!

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