Hot Salsa MamaSSita

 = n + 1

I discussed this cruel bike formula in the last post and attempted to not focus on the “+1”, but rather the “n” – the number of bikes currently in the garage.    The bike shootout revealed some insight into my current stable of bikes, allowing me to directly compare them.  But like a bank thief, I was thinking about the next score – the next “+1”.

In a slight twist of the bike formula, let me propose a new strategy for those of you looking to get a new bike.  It’s the addition by subtraction method.  Take an older bike that’s not scratching the itch you have, part it out, sell what’s not needed, and reuse what you can.  For the math nerds (a.k.a. Mathletes):

 = n + 1 – 1

The good news is that there’s a new bike for you to lust over and dream about riding.  The bummer is that you have to deconstruct and get rid of another.  Such is life.  And I suppose it’s fitting as it’s the ultimate re-Cycling.  (sorry – had to).

For me, my Trance was no longer a fun ride for me.  The thrill was gone.  While the Trance Transformation rejuvenated the bike, it’s soul was old and it just wasn’t much fun to spin anymore.  And if you’re not having fun riding, what’s the point?

The “+1”:  What is fun?  Singlespeed riding/racing/grunting!  Allow me to introduce you to my latest “+1”, the Salsa Mamasita singlespeed….. which will from henceforth be known as the MamaSSita.  And it is hot!  Don’t you agree:


My “+1”:  The MamaSSita

The Build:  I was able to keep the costs of the build down by pilfering the Shimano XT crankset and SLX brakes from the Trance.  Same with the crankbrother Candy pedals.  After getting the crankbrothers Cobalt race wheels for the Ninja, I had my Stan’s Arch wheelset to use for this build.  A friend gave me his castoff Trek/Bontrager bars, stem, and seatpost.  Add the blue ESI grips laying around (team sponsor shout-out!) and I was off to a good start.

My friends at Jax Bicycle Center were instrumental in getting the MamaSSita up and running.  They were able to find and source the lovely Salsa frame as well as the bits & pieces to put this bike together.  More importantly, they allowed me to come in off-hours and assisted me with building the ‘SSita (you’re the man, Corey!).

Enough with the words.  Some photos:

The Ride:  I was able to take it on a quick 20 mile ride around Aliso Woods and kept it to the flat parts mostly (I’m running OTH gearing, 34×18).  I promise to provide more feedback as I spend time on it, however, my initial impression is that this is one mean bike.  The instant acceleration is incredible.  There’s an extra amount of efficiency gained by ditching the derailleur, shortening the chain, and having a straight chainline – and you can feel it.  This bike also descends like a champ.  I was able to get my 4th fastest time down Lynx (a technical downhill in Aliso for a HT) without trying or knowing the handling characteristics of this bike.  This is a very capable bike!  If I didn’t already own the Ninja and was looking for a first bike to race, I’d strongly endorse/consider the geared version of the Salsa Mamasita!

This bike had me grinning ear to ear and I can’t wait to hop back on it!


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