Skyline Trail – April 2013

My helmets off to the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation for making the new Skyline Trail a reality!  Samantha and I were able to get up to Big Bear and sample the trail for the first time after working on it in December (Skyline work party post and photos) now that the snow has melted away.  We rode it several times and in both directions.  Like any good trail, it offers different characteristics depending on direction of travel.  The good news is that there’s no against the grain… but I would say the east to west direction is the more flowy fun direction.  Here’s hoping that the US Cup Series in a month’s time is able to utilize some of this trail!

I did bring the GoPro camera and captured half of the Skyline trail heading from west to east.  Enjoy:

For those with Strava-itis, here’s the Skyline Trail segment going from east to west, which in my humble opinion is the faster and more flowy direction.  My original intention was to film my run on this section but somehow my fat finger didn’t push record.

And finally, some photos:

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