Serfas Gear Review

My team, Kasel Cycling, has some great support from companies in and outside of the cycling world.  Serfas is very much in it.  Go into any cycling shop and there’s a good chance you’ll see their products.  They’re best known for value accessories and parts but they’re starting to get into the performance side of things and their latest optics and mountain bike shoes are certainly worth checking out.

So Serfas has given us access to their entire product catalog and challenged us to ride their gear hard and report back.  So far so good!  Their optics, shoes, and clothing can deal with it all.  Here I am, fresh off some snow-free trails in Big Bear, CA with a video review of my Serfas kit along with the specific gear being reviewed:

Serfas Scandium Mountain Bike Shoes:  these shoes are strong.  Like clip rocks and branches at 20 m.p.h. without a rip or tear strong.  The kind of strong you want when 30 miles into a 50 mile back-country endurance race.  Great buckle retention system and a rigid carbon sole to put the power down.  Serfas has the other shoe companies scared with the value and performance of these Scandium shoes.  The female riders on our team are reporting that their Serfas Krypton shoes might be even stronger…

Serfas Legend Optics:  4 lenses, great color options, a case, and all for $60!  The lenses are are easy to replace and come in handy when switching between night and day rides. The small cutaway in the corner of the lenses is great for not letting the fog of war distract you from seeing the trail.  (We also have and love the new Serfas Gladiator Optics!)

Serfas Men’s Superleggera Shorts:  novice or pro, everybody loves a healthy and pain-free ass!  The chamois is gel padded so epic long days on the saddle feel like first-class luxury seats… OK it’s not that great but these shorts perform quite well and offer great compression for your muscles.

Serfas Caldera Jersey:  a snug fit so no amount of air resistance will slow you down!  Great form meets great function with 3 deep pockets on the back, a full zipper, and subtle reflective elements for safety.  A great jersey with some style too! 


Thumbs up for my Serfas gear!


Rocking my Serfas Gladiator optics at a race earlier this year.


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