(some) Super D! US CUP, Bonelli

“Super D”, or short for super downhill.  The general idea:  take a longer gnarly downhill, shrink it down, and gift-wrap it so mostly anyone with any type of mountain bike can compete on a 5-10 minutes course going mostly downhill.  Key word… mostly.  Full suspension bikes are typically the bike of choice for such events.  But Bonelli Park doesn’t provide a good long stretch of technical trails from which to carve out a Super D course and after pre-riding the course, most racers ditched the full-sus rigs in favor of their hardtail race sleds since the Super D course was a modified version of the 2nd half of the XC course.

Having raced the XC course earlier in the day (more on that in the next post), I could have brought back out The Ninja, but my mind was set on racing the Trance, my 5″ full suspension trail bike.  I’ve put some time and money into building it up and so I wanted to race it.  Besides, I didn’t want to subject my back to further pain and so my Trance was preferred.  The decision cost me in terms of race results since I missed out on 3rd place by only 2 seconds…. and everyone who podium’d piloted their XC hardtails.  You’ll see at the 3:50 mark how a XC bike would be desired.  Here’s the 7 minute Super D run from the vantage point of my fork:

My favorite part… at the 4:17 mark you can see and hear Samantha and Tim yelling “Super D!  Super D!” and then me repeating it between gasps for air as I round the turn.

Next post:  XC race recap + photos from the Pro women’s and men’s race!


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