2013 Race Season & Motivation

The 2013 race season starts tomorrow.  My first season in the Category 1 (expert) 35-39 class.  I know I have a learning curve ahead of me as I compete in a faster group over longer distances, but in a masochistic way, I’m looking forward to it.  Not in the way I look forward to xmas morning, but in the way that I’ve spent 10+ hours every week working for this moment.  It will also be great to again share the experience with my Kasel Cycling teammates and wife!

The first race of the US Cup series is near Temecula, CA at Vail Lake and I know this course quite well.  So well, that as I laid in the dentist’s chair yesterday I was able to visualize nearly every turn of the course in between her pricks and scrapes.  (BTW – I need to floss more) The course is the same one we just rode in January’s 12 Hour race and it’s one of my favorite courses with flowy singlegrack and fast downhills.

While I’ve trained better than I ever have, I do have some trepidation over how my lower back responds to the distance (~30 miles) at CAT1 pace.  Lately, my lower back has flared up in races and when it does my power output drops.  In an effort to remedy this situation, I got a bike fitting and we moved my saddle up and my cleats back so here’s hoping that helps.  What should also help for tomorrow’s race is that it starts at 1pm so there will be plenty of time to warm up and get the back loose.

Aside from the body, the bike is in good shape thanks to team sponsor Jax Bicycle Center.  They’ve helped dial in the bike, true the wheels, and replace some hub bearings.  I also put on a new Maxxis Ikon 2.2″ rear wheel (mounted tubeless) which given the larger volume should give me some small amount of “suspension” for my hardtail.

In racing, there’s the physical (bike and body) and there’s the mental side of being prepared.  One exercise I had my team do this week was to share words which expressed what cycling was for them.  In those dark moments in a race or training ride I often turn to those innate reasons why I got on my bike in first place.  I think you’ll enjoy reading some of these…. what would be some words you’d choose?

Kasel Cycling Word Cloud

Oh – it’s Natespin’s 1 year anniversary…. I’ve enjoyed doing this over the past year as it’s been a fun outlet and spurred some creativity (as limited as it is) from me.

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