Eye & Feet Candy


Eye & Feet Candy…. courtesy of crankbrothers.

Our team, Kasel Cycling, is fortunate to be sponsored by a great local company who makes the best bling in the cycling biz:  crankbrothers.  After falling in love with my crankbrother iodine wheelset (review here) I’ve been thinking of switching the Shimano pedals on my fleet of bikes to crankbrother pedals.  What has probably kept me from doing it in the past is that I didn’t want to have dedicated pairs of cycling shoes based on a particular pedal type/cleat so I just had to bite the bullet and purchase crankbrothers pedals for all our bikes.  I like simple.  One type of pedal, one type of cleat, one pair of shoes for multiple bikes.

So in went the order and two days later 5 crankbrothers pedal sets awaited me on my doorstep.  I got a mix of eggbeater and candy pedals.  Eggbeaters for my 29er race bike and my wife’s 29er race bike, along with a set for her road bike.  I ordered two sets of Candy’s for my “fun” bikes – the full-suspension Trance and the single-speed Gary Fisher.  I enjoyed opening up each box and seeing the different colors and metals greet my eyes – orange, blue, silver, gun-metal silver, etc.  Eye and feet candy (now it makes sense, right?).


To appease the weight weenie devil on my shoulder, I just had to weigh both the crankbrother and Shimano pedals.

To the garage I went and promptly began switching out pedals.  Simple enough.  The only problem I encountered was that the orange Candy’s that were destined to go on the single-speed suffered a mix-up at the factory as there were two non-drive side pedals in the box.  Bummer.  I’ll have to exchange those in due time.  Otherwise, an easy pedal install.  The other problem I encountered involved swapping out the cleats in my wife’s shoes from the Shimano SPD cleats to the crankbrother cleats.  Her Shimano cleats had basically fused together (note to self & others – periodically adjust these screws) and in trying to unscrew the bolt, I stripped it.  So… she’ll continue to use Shimano pedals until her new cycling shoes arrive.  Oops.

I did weigh the crankbrothers pedals before installing them and brought back the soon-to-be-paperweights Shimano pedals to the scale.  All in all, I saved weight with every pedal swap-out I made.  Here are the weights:

  • crankbrothers eggbeater 3 = 286 grams
  • crankbrothers candy 3 = 315 grams
  • crankbrother candy 2 = 321 grams
  • Shimano PD-M540 = 349 grams
  • Shimano  PD-M520 = 374 grams

There’s also a difference in pedal cleat weight:

  • crankbrothers cleat = 42 grams
  • Shimano cleat = 51 grams

So, the weight weenie in me is happy to know that my race bike just shed 72 grams (0.16 pounds) so I can definitely have a donut tomorrow, right?  All that’s left is to go out and test them on the trail which I’ll do tomorrow night and at the 12 Hours of Temecula race this coming weekend.  I’ll report back on the feel and performance of the new crankbrother pedals after some spins.


I think I can now confirm that the Trance Transformation is complete:  new drivetrain, new brakes, new pedals.  Maybe I’ll race some Super D or Enduro races too this year?

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