Strava Time Killing

My previous Strava related post which featured the “heat map” has been quite popular since I posted it back in June.  I thought I would update my “heat map” and also share another time-killing Strava 3rd party which is pretty slick.  Below is my “heat map” for all my 127 rides from July through mid-December (minus my Seattle bike tour for sake of size).  127 rides in 172 days.  Hello dyslexia and sore bumcheeks!  Produce your map at


SoCal riding… mostly in Orange County and Big Bear with some rides & races in Tehachapi, Palos Verdes, a CX race in LA, and some forays across the curtain into north San Diego County.  Good times.


Orange County “Heat Map”… darker areas indicates paths/trails frequented more often.  Compares pretty similarly to my “heat map” from June….


Big Bear “heat map.”  Rim Nordic XC races + tons of Big Bear riding and testing new equipment.

A new Strava 3rd party tool which provides a dynamic look at how the Strava segment leaderboards shape up is  For any given Strava segment, when looking at the leaderboard I always start to wonder how/where the gaps formed between myself and the top riders.  There are always faster riders out there – and now this website alllows you to see how much faster they are than you.  It’s humbling but a good training tool to see where speed can be maintained and gained.

As an example, let’s use the Meadows uphill climb in Aliso Woods Park.  As of today, December 20, 2012, I have the 18th fastest time up, 2 minutes behind the leader (the O’show) up this gnarly 1 mile 11.5% grade singletrack climb.  So where is 2 minutes gained?  Click on this link to let tell the tale.


Mid climb and the gap is growing…. go legs, go!  Meadows uphill segment on here. 

Time to go ride…. and close some gaps!

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