B(rrrr)ig B(rrrr)ear (B)riding

Confirmed.  Big Bear is cold in the winter.  But it could have been so much colder so I’m glad it was only in the low 40’s and free of rain/sleet/hail/snow. The previous storm had dumped some snow and rain which allowed the ski resorts to open last week but most of that had absorbed into the thirsty forest soil making the riding conditions tacky and great.  And where there was snow and mud puddles left over, it made for a fun excuse to leave some tire tracks!

Altogether, I was able to put two rides together totaling 41 miles, 6,000+ feet of climbing, 1 wood bison (zoo, picture below), 1 coyote (wild, no picture), all in four and half hours.  I also got to try some new downhill trails that were on my checklist (i.e. Trick or Treat and 7 Oaks) and I even scored a 4th overall down 7 Oaks per Strava!  7 Oaks trail is an awesome 2 mile 1,600 foot descent filled with acorn-covered singletrack that then makes way to rock slides.  In short – awesome!  Here are photos from my two rides:

Stormin’ Normin, the woods bison, at the Moonridge Zoo. We learned his hay/alfalfa, errrr, food is fortified with supplements for his arthritis. He’s 20 years old.  He’s that big mass of brown in the middle.  * Update – those are deer around and below him.

Bear Valley Mountain ski resort up and running with what snow they have/make.  I could sense the excitement in the air as people anxiously crossed the street to get their first powder of the season.  As I passed by them, dressed in my 3 layers of riding clothes, they gave me looks as if saying, “Dude – ditch the wheels and grab a board already!”

Grandview self-portrait from Saturday with the trusty Trance behind me.  Don’t worry – I’ve since located my beard trimmer!

Trance cockpit view looking down the Santa Ana River watershed towards the Inland Empire.

A view from Grandview point on Forest Service road 2N10 looking across the Santa Ana River watershed and at San Gorgonio (or Old Greyback) in the distance.

Dirty drivetrain…. along with my Jax Bicycle Center water bottle.

I came across this written in to the snow and re-purposed it to read:  BIKE LOVE

Here are the two rides, via Strava:

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