Trance Transformation

As I mentioned in my previous post (Bike ER) my full suspension bike has been down for the count.  It’s a 2009 Giant Trance (5″ of suspension front and back) and while I’ve upgraded a bunch of parts over time, I hadn’t touched the original wheelset, shifters, and derailleurs.  The sounds coming from the rear hub and rear derailleur were fitting for Knott’s Scary Farm and the rear hub had more play in it than a year-old yellow lab!

Thanks to Jax Bicycle Centers for hooking me up with a great deal on a XT/SLX drivetrain package (3×9 SLX shifters with XT derailleurs and chain), which I installed on Sunday, I once again have a silky smooth shifting experience.  The final act in the Trance Transformation awaited me on my doorstep last night:  gorgeous, sexy, rotund, blingy Crankbrothers wheels!

I decided on getting the iodine 2 wheelset so that the wheels are beefy enough to last another 3+ years.  Besides, I don’t need XC style feather-weight wheels since the Trance is going to be my full-time Big Bear fun bike. First impression is that they’re lighter than the original wheelset, easier to put tires on, and did I mention they’re dead sexy?

Over the next four full days I’ll bomb these Crankbrothers wheels around Big Bear and I’m looking forward to pairing these solid wheels with the suspension.  I’ll post a review later. (Update:  review is here)  For now, enjoy the photos below detailing the Trance Transformation:

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