Bike ER

The Bike ER.  That where most of my bikes reside right now.  No, thankfully, I’m not in the ER!  But one of my bikes did give up it’s carbon ghost while another has a drivetrain  overhaul in the works (chain, derailleurs, & shifters).

So in a small way I feel vindicated.  For all my family and friends who see my garage and ask if I really need all my bikes the answer is a resounding YES!  Because all I’m left with right now is my 1996 steel all rigid singlespeed mountain bike and like a third-string quarterback pressed into the game due to injuries, it’s in the game and loving it!  But don’t worry – it’s not going to get a big head and think it should be a starter any time soon.

My 3rd stringer pressed into starting duties. Sometimes it’s your “older” things which bring you the most joy. My steel 1996 Gary Fisher Marlin isn’t good because it’s old. It’s old because it’s good!

I’ve had three great rides on it in the past week – a total of 50 miles and 6,250 feet climbing and I can feel it.  The Fisher really gives me a good work out – with no suspension, my body is the shock absorber and mashing the gear (singular!) up hills is like an outdoor gym which my biceps, shoulders, and side ab muscles (I have those???) feel.  Awesome physical riding!  I had fun with Samantha on all the rides as we’re training for our 12 Hours of Temecula race where we hope to move up the podium from last June’s race!  Strava ride profiles are at the bottom of post.

Regarding the carbon ghost I named “The Ninja”, I killed it. It’s death was by love, however, since I think it developed a stress crack over time with all the racing and training I subjected it to.  At the last cyclocross race (The Ninja’s last dance video) I noticed that The Ninja just felt soft.  Gone was the snap in acceleration.  To keep the football analogies going, it had a hitch in it’s giddy’up.  I also noticed that the seat flexed as I sat pedaling which shouldn’t be the case on a carbon hardtail.  Post race inspection revealed some flaking carbon right below the water bottle bolt on the seat post, between the bottom bracket and the top tube junction.  Sure enough, it’s carbon soul was cracked.

The good news is that the shop I bought it from, Two Wheels One Planet, contacted Giant and a new frame is coming through warranty so I’ll be back on The Ninja (2.0)!  Kudos to Two Wheels One Planet for always providing outstanding service – great people, great shop.   Perhaps I’ll have to re-name the bike “Phoenix”.

As for my full suspension bike, which I will now name “Big Bear”, I’d ridden the original drivetrain (all the moving parts) into the ground since purchasing the bike in January 2010.  It’s now in the garage on the work stand about to receive some overdue TLC.  New derailleurs (Shimano XT, front & rear) will be going on along with new Shimano SLX shifters and a shiny new chain.  It will work like butter.  Unless I mess it up.  Which is inevitable.  The joys of self-wrenching!

Strava ride profiles:

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