Last night marked the 10 minute computer lottery southern CA mountain biker racers affectionately know as the VQ/CC Registration window. (VQ = Vision Quest ; CC = Counting Coup)  At 8pm the floodgates open and after ~10 minutes registration is closed as the field is limited by the number of permits the Forest Service issues.  Unfortunately, Samantha and I could not secure a spot in the CC race because of a server malfunction.  Aggravation, no doubt.

I did, however, manage to sign up for the Vision Quest.  Awesome, considering how limited the spots are for this race, right?  But I have buyers remorse, because:  1) I was more excited for Sam to take on and finish the CC than I was to compete; & 2) I’m not thrilled with the length of the Vision Quest, the Counting Coup’s big brother.  The course description from the Warrior Society’s website:  56.5+- miles, 11,000 +- ft. of elevation gain.  Can I do this.  Sure.  Do I want to, especially when I’ll be in XC mode at the time of this event (4/6/13)?  Not really.

The upswing is that there’s time between now and then to get excited about this event.  The other good news is that most of my Kasel Cycling teammates got into the CC & VQ so we’ll be able to support one another!

Course profile:

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