Rim Nordic Series Championship!

This past weekend I was able to claim my third overall mountain bike series championship for the year when I took home the Rim Nordic championship series plate!  2012 has been a phenomenal year in the Cat II (or “sport”) class and I’ll look back on it fondly next year when I jump up to Cat I (“expert” class) and battle it out at the rear of the train!  But that’s for later….

I’ve been served!  Top marks, Rim Nordic, for a classy championship “trophy”!

The day was made even better because in my car accompanying me up to Rim Nordic was my best friend Nate, who is (hopefully) getting back into cycling, along with one of my Kasel Cycling teammates, John.  While Nate didn’t race, he got to pedal around on my spare bike and take in the mountain air and pine trees while also performing a much appreciated “bottle service” exchange between laps.  Thanks!

Bikes, friends, post-race beer, championship plates & mountain air…. does it get any better?

Photo from Rim Nordic and KBrown Photography.

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