Splat… That’s Me Hitting the Wall

Cooked.  Drained.  Depleted.  Done.  That’s how I feel.  Oh – and sick.  Since January I’ve been ramping up my conditioning for the US Cup race series which has recently concluded and now that it’s over my body is letting me know it’s time to rest.  Unlike a video game, my turbo button is vanquished.

I sit here at home having left work at lunch sick and exhausted.  Peaking for race season is like a bell curve and I’m on the sharp descent.  Having won my class in the US Cup series, I am looking forward to simply getting back to fun mountain bike rides.  My bike rides for these past few months have been either on or off:  all-out rides (training or racing) or recovery rides.  Fun rides have been shed along with the pounds and beer in pursuit of speed.  It’s time to reclaim some fun!

Heading towards the finish line of the CA State XC Championships where I finished 2nd this past weekend. Photo courtesy of Kathy Burcham

I knew my goose was cooked even before last night’s Over the Hump race, which in hindsight I shouldn’t have thrown a leg over my bike for.  This past Sunday was the CA State XC Championship up in Big Bear and I exerted maximum effort at altitude sucking in lots of dust for a 2nd place finish.  I enjoyed the race but as I drove down the mountain headed home I sensed I was ready for a break.  Feeling the fatigue of Sunday’s race on top of the cumulative fatigue from the entire race season I felt a general malaise and wasn’t super excited to race OTH last night.

Worse, yesterday at work I felt that pre-sore throat condition that foreshadows a cold.  But I decided to race anyway last night and promptly lasted 1.5 laps out of 4.  I simply couldn’t breathe and I didn’t want to be on my bike.  So out of a possible 5 OTH races, I’ve finished two, DNF’ing twice while not racing one.  Further signs I’m ready for a race-free couple of weeks.

A view of me struggling up a hill in last night’s OTH race from the back of my teammate’s bike. About 100 yards further is where I pulled the plug on my race.  Thanks, Dan, for the view and here’s hoping I can keep up next time!

Ok – off to a rare midday mid-workweek nap . . .

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