Strava Heat Map

There are many who view Strava as a scourge sweeping across the cycling world which takes the fun out of riding – where every meter of road or trail has been turned into a warpath…..errrr……”segment” with riders seeking virtual glory.  It probably has induced too much of an “ABR” mentality for those with Strava-itis (ABR = Always Be Racing).  Stories of dudes on Walmart clunkers yelling at people to get out of the way on a descent with shouts of “on a Strava run!” may be overblown but it’s not far off.

I do, however, enjoy using Strava because it provides an objective means by which to analyze training by providing a graphical display of your route on a map with various bio-metric values overlayed (e.g. heart-beat, cadence, power, speed, etc.).  Yes, I shoot for KOM glory and PR’s when I’m ready to get after it.  (That was cycling speak – the last sentence translated = Yes, I am guilty of being that dude from the first paragraph.)

But after the dust settles and I get past looking at the times, stats, etc., I’m  left with the true reason I ride my bike:  it’s fun to see where I’ve been and recall the memories associated with those rides.  I just came across a site that lets you map a collection of your rides and the cumulative display is rather cool to view!  The website along with a map of my past 100 rides:

From Santa Barbara to the border of Mexico! The small dots from east San Diego up through the Inland Empire are the US Cup races – otherwise my rides are in Orange County or Big Bear.

Here are the bulk of my rides in Orange County. With the route transparency settings, the streets and trails I frequent most appear darker purple so it results in a “heat map” effect. The past 100 days has seen me ride most frequently near home (Dana Point), Aliso Park, OTH, and my work commute to Irvine.

I’m curious to see where the next 100 days takes my wheels . . .

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