Stan’s NoTubes Demo – Stapler Attack

The other night at the Over the Hump mountain bike race the majority of our race team sat out as we’re still recovering from our 12 hour racing adventure over the weekend.  Instead, we took the opportunity to setup our team tent and host a Stan’s NoTubes demo!  My cycling team is sponsored by Stan’s NoTubes and we are happy to endorse a product we wholeheartedly believe in.  While it’s perhaps counter-intuitive or scary to think of racing a bike without tubes, Stan’s products truly work, and better than just work, they provide a competitive advantage!

Dan and I explaining how you install a Stan’s NoTubes conversion kit with a spare wheel. “So you don’t need a tube??!!” . . .

By getting rid of the tube, you reduce weight in all the right places.  Go back to high school physics and think about the initial force it takes to spin a wheel.  Remove weight at the far edges of the wheel and it becomes easier to spin, stop, and accelerate.  You can see how this might be a good thing come race day!  Also, by removing the tube you avoid the hazard of pinch flatting when the wheel meets something hard, like a stubborn rock, and squeezes the tube between said rock and the causing a “snake-bite” flat.  With no tube, you can ride safely and securely and if a thorn does come your way there’s no need to worry because Stan’s sealant will plug the hole.

Avoid snake-bites of all forms! Here, a tube has suffered a pinch flat which resembles the two fangs of a snake bite.  That or someone’s shot you with a BB gun . . .

We thought it would be fun to put Stan’s to the test at the race by stapling a rear tire twice and then racing on it!  Team rider Dan Eitman was the brave soul who donated his training tire which had 1000 miles on it and plenty of Stan’s sealant. Video of the stapler attack:

The good news, and the  reason our team rocks Stan’s, is that the tire held pressure the whole race.  Yes, the pressure dropped, but Dan crossed the finish line upright and spinning!  That’s really the point, right?  No abandoned race or during training rides there’s no worries about having to hike back to civilization.

View from the back of Dan’s bike (he mounted his GoPro under his seat) with his tire going strong. Look further and there I am with my GoPro capturing video!

Immediately after the race and the tire is still holding air! The staple is still in the tire and you can see where Stan’s sealant has bubbled around the staple and sealed the hole.

Here are some pictures from our demo and I hope it shows how much fun we had introducing others to Stan’s NoTubes!  It was refreshing to take a night off of racing to interact with others and I gained a new appreciation for the awesome vibe that the Over the Hump race organizers have created.  It truly feels like a weekend rock festival on a Tuesday night!

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