12 Hours of Temecula – Photos from the Trail

Yesterday was an incredibly long day but so worth it.  Woke up at 5:30am, went to sleep at 12:15am.  Raced for 12 hours & drove for 3 in between.  But yesterday was also exhilarating and will reside in the memory bank for life!

My wife and I decided to form a 2-person coed team and see how long we could last.  Turns out, Samantha was the family MVP, completing 7 of our cumulative 13 laps, which was good for 3rd place on the day.  Together, we knocked out 114 miles off-road!  It’s been amazing to watch Samantha’s mountain biking skills and confidence develop over the last year and a half and yesterday not only did she ride longer than she ever had but she rode at night for the first time as well . . . Amazing!

Mr. & Mrs. A: 3rd place and crazy cat eyes!

Rather than write anything more, I thought I would post some pictures that I’ve manipulated, many of which are from my last lap at sunset while my GoPro was snapping pictures every second.

Photo courtesy of Troupe Racing. Thanks – it was fun setting up our tent next to you guys & gals.

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