Back to the Grotto . . . and Big Bear

Music has that sublime ability to serve as a filing system. Libraries have the Dewey Decimal System, Windows has folders, and my desk has…um piles. Go play one of your favorite albums and it has the power to transform you to a certain time and place. A placeholder in the memory bank suddenly reveals a certain feeling or nostalgia that points to when this piece of music imprinted itself into your synapses. In a very real way, music does change you as we are but a system of firing neurons so how and why music can serve to stoke such vivid memories and release endorphins is a sublime thing indeed.

So when the Mother Hips’ album “Back to the Grotto” and its first song “Hey Emilie” plays I am transported back to being a freshman at Sonoma State in the mid 90’s and even more specifically to a stage at the Inn of the Beginning in Cotati (now torn down). The feelings, images, and thoughts invoked are hazy but like a very good dream you are awash in the glow of the feelings you’re left with.  I recall the band walking onto the stage, which at the Inn of the Beginning was only a foot high, in a room that was the size of a large family room so to say the setting was intimate is an understatement. From the first chords I was hooked and still am to this day, sixteen years later!

I could go on, but my feelings are mine and words are inferior to the music which speaks for itself.  Rather, take a listen for yourself and see if the music captures you.  The Mother Hips are providing the album for free so download it by clicking the image above & enjoy!

BTW – they’re playing tonight (6/1) here in LA at the Bootleg Theater if you’re in the area.


As for Big Bear, the final race of seven in the US Cup Series is this coming Sunday and it looms large as I have a good shot of capturing the overall series win.  Considering the overall points are tallied by dropping each racer’s two worst races, there are several permutations where I end up in first place for the series.  The short of it is that I control my own destiny.  If I win the race I tie up the overall. Any other result other than first and I simply need to come in ahead of the guy who is currently in 1st.  It’s that simple.

Currently in 2nd place overall w/ a good chance of capturing 1st!

The good thing is that I know the course quite well having raced it last year (I finished 9th) and riding most of it this past Memorial weekend.  I also have my teammate, Dan DiGiacomo, who will be with me and motivated to get a result.  All that’s left is to spin the legs and make it happen since this is the race series I’ve targeted all year.  I really want that top step and first overall . . .

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