OTH – Heart Attack & Sagan Signing!

Over The Hump is back!  As are my weekly heart attacks (more on that below)!  The OTH race series is an awesome event that demands to be seen to be appreciated.  It transforms a Tuesday night at an ordinarily quiet OC lake into a Coachella weekend-like festival…. only substitute the latest trendy youthful fashions with spandex!  Over 500 racers showed up and just as many supporters, spectators, and sponsors were there to cheer the racers along.  Here’s a video highlight:

My entire team is signed up to participate in this series and we used this week’s race to take some team photos with us in our 2012 team kit! Spandextastic, right?

2012 Kasel Cycling – Team Revo

These races are gnarly in that they’re an all out sprint with minimal periods to “rest” and get the heart rate down.  Each lap is just over four miles long and takes about 18 minutes  to navigate (+/- 1 min. depending on class and lap #).  My three lap race in the super sport class took me 56min. 40sec. to complete with my heart rate pinged throughout (avg. HR = 167, max 176) which was good enough for 7th place out of twenty racers.

No rest, No mercy @ OTH! Red line = heart rate.

The finish line in sight…. If I can just get out of this rut!

A highlight of this race was that Peter Sagan was in attendance at the Cannondale booth, fresh off his dominating performances at the Amgen Tour of California where he won 5 of 8 stages!  I’ve enjoyed watching him over the past couple of years and am rooting for him to give Cavendish and other top sprinters a run for their money in this year’s Tour de France.  Here he is signing my bike – easily the best upgrade I’ve ever made to my bike!

Bird’s eye view of Peter Sagan signing the Ninja (my race bike)! I got this picture by luck as I had my GoPro set to take photos at 1 minute intervals.

Priceless upgrade for the Ninja!

Thanks to my teammates & sponsors who made this race fun and who will continue to do so for the remaining 11 races in this amazing series!

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