Video Highlights – Enduro Stuff Cup

Rather than write a race report, I thought I would splice together some GoPro video highlights of the Enduro Stuff Cup OC Parks Tour held at my favorite park here in Orange County:  Aliso Woods Wilderness Park.  I spend a lot of time training on these trails so when this race was announced I was excited.  I decided to race in the expert class to get a better race per dollar value (supersize me!) and have some “fun” trying to keep up with super fast dudes (like JohnnyO).  Strava race profile and stats here.

Being the first race ever at this park the Rangers were a bit too cautious with the route and timing (race start at 6:30am – what is this, a tri???!!!) but it didn’t sour any of the grins across racers faces.  Thanks to the race organizers to make this race happen at such a great venue!

PR’ing down RockIt . . . Eyes Wide Open!

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