Niner Bike Build

* Click here to jump to Vimeo page to watch in glorious HD! *

Mix & match parts laying around my garage, quasi-wrenching know-how, a shiny red frame, a six-pack, and a rainy weekend and you get . . . a new bike!  In the ever-morphing ethereal “to-do list” that resides in my brain is a box that I only recently was able to check:  build a bike from the frame up.  CHECK!

I found a great deal on a 2011 Niner EMD (Eat My Dust) frame that was begging for my AmEx number.  Much obliged and after a nifty bit of e-commerce I had the basic building block:  a shiny red frame.  Like the foundation of a house, a bike frame is the underpinning for a great ride and provides the solidity to rail singletrack mile after mile.  This Niner frame is tried and true so all that was required were capable hands to slap some components on  and bring light to this bike!

Over the past two years, I’ve accumulated parts and pieces of bikes due to an acute case of Upgraditis (stay away – it is contagious!) so part of the reason for buying this frame, other than the overwhelming desire to build a bike to build a bike, is to reclaim a fraction of the sunk costs that now lie throughout my garage.  You buy a new bike, you covet new parts, you buy new parts, and you cast aside old parts.  These old parts simply needed to become new again!

Now that my reasons have been stated, enjoy the time lapse video of “my” bike being built from the frame up over 3 rainy days.  I say “my” because it is now for sale.  It can be “yours”!  See the Craiglist ad for the parts & specs.

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