It’s Race Season!

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” – Vince Lombardi

The reason I’ve spent butt-numbing hours in the saddle is here – race season!  As best a full-time-day-job-wannabe-racer can be, I’ve tried to be diligent about putting in the miles and hours, soaking up the bumps, and resisting the empty calories this past off-season.  Occasionally, my patience and resolve wavers (damn my coworkers & their evil donuts!) but my motivation to improve has kept me focused.  In a results-driven world I suppose my training is trending in the right direction as I’m down from the mid 180’s to 175 lbs, my race times are getting faster, and I’m having a blast!

One of the reasons I’m having so much fun is because I’m surrounded by some rad teammates (Kasel Cycling – Team Revo) who encourage, cheer, and oh-so-politely ridicule me when appropriate.  Our first race in the US Cup Series occurred this past Sunday and the team had great success (see the bling below!).  The course at Vail Lake was in terrific condition even if the thermostat was a bit too high for March (90+ degrees!).

Two 1st’s, two 4th’s, one 5th, & several top 10 finishes for our team!

The heat + a mild crash (that’s racing!) definitely caused my power to drop on the second lap but I had just enough in the tank to place 4th in my class and take a podium picture along with my teammate Dan Digiacomo!  Here’s hoping we can make a return visit to the podium (only @ a higher elevation) this weekend in San Dimas at race #2 of the US Cup Series!

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Strava race stats & course times (click image)

Part of training is also figuring out what works and doesn’t work.  It’s safe to say that crit racing is not cut out for me…. or rather I’m not cut out for crits…. or better put, crits just straight cut me up.  (Crits are road races held on short courses, typically city blocks, that are held for a given time period, like an hour, where testosterone-fueled “roadies” duke it out.)  Last night, going into a corner at 25 mph, some riders behind me became skittish, locked up their wheels, hit some gravel, and gravity did the rest.  I was the third domino in line and when the 2nd domino hit my rear tire, my bike kicked out from under me and my ass and elbow met pavement.  Thanks, but no thanks crits….

Road Pizza

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