Racers & Chasers Winter Series Overall Winner – Sport 30-34 Class

I pulled off the overall series win for the Racers & Chasers winter series in the Sport 30-34 class!  I had the series won after 3 races (two 1st’s and one 3rd) so I decided to step up to the expert class for the 4th and final race this past weekend.  Heading into the expert race, I was anxious but excited since I knew I was going to be in some uncomfortable places (aka pain) during the expert race.  Why?  Experts race 3 laps instead of 2.  They also keep up a faster pace over the 3 laps than “sports” do over 2.  They also wear tighter spandex.

All smiles and peaceful at the end of lap 1....

I can now confirm that after 2+ hours, 30 miles, & 2,700 calories, the experts haul ass!  I fought hard to stay within distance of the lead pack but found myself on a lonely island by the end of lap 1, spinning by myself, faster than those behind me but much too slow to stay with the leaders.  In the end, I finished 11/25 and am quite happy with this result.

I’ve got some momentum heading into the US Cup mtn bike series which kicks off this coming weekend and is the race series I’ve been training for along with my Kasel Cycling – Team Revo teammates!

Nature Nate Moments:  the recent rain has turned the rolling hills a homogeneous shade of dull green that’s interrupted with the purples of lupine.  Also marking their return, in addition to the flowers, are SNAKES!  At the very end of my last lap, when I was practically brain dead and unaware of anything around me (aka tunnel-vision), I was startled back to reality with the very loud and unmistakable “thssssssssssssss” rattle on the side of the trail.  Survival mode kicking it, one last surge of adrenalin motivated my weary muscles for one last acceleration as I tried to shoot past the rattlesnake in the shrubs.  The next day I came across a baby gopher snake in the middle of the trail….  yep they’re back!

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